Ford Rd Cemetery Garden Project

2019 saw the beginning of a project to enhance the Ford Road cemetery.

Working with Arundel District Council, AA21 plans to improve the cemetery in Ford Road as a garden to make it more beautiful for visitors for burials and remembrance and attractive for birds and other wildlife.

The group who are working on the project include local neighbours of the cemetery and people whose relatives are buried there.

With plans to build on the old gas site and the clearance of the site already, the need for an alternative nesting site for the multitude of birds, butterflies and other wildlife on the old site,  is now even more important.

So what has been achieved so far?

Tree & wildflower planting








On a lovely day in March a group of volunteers got together to plant the 201 trees, a mixed bunch (both the trees and the volunteers). The trees were planted along the ditch on the north side and against the wall on the south side and were planted with stakes and guards to prevent them being eaten or damaged.

Of the 210 tree only 6 haven’t made it through the dry April and May which is remarkable.

In May we were given wild flower plants by  Tristram Nursery in Binstead. So many thanks to him for the  Cowslips, Bird’s Foot Trefoil and Common Sorrel and to Mark Philips who donated some Hawthorn and Field Maple  which were planted at the same time. These were planted on a lovely sunny evening then watered in over the next couple of weeks.

If you are interested in the project or have queries email