Future projects and how to get involved

At the AGM in July we highlighted the projects we are hoping to run in the future.

So here they are.

Future projects

  • Community Apple Day 2018
    • Activity – this year AA21 are leading on the organisation of Apple Day which will be held on Sunday October 14th. The Community Orchard Group are arranging to have their own apple press this year
      • We needs volunteers, lots of them to help before the day – collecting apples, on the day – setting up and clearing up and just generally being around to help the stallholders.
  • Woodland conservation skills
    • Proposed activity – To involve young people who are interested in conservation or woodland management. The project hopes to provide some learning activities locally where young people can join in conservation projects.
      • We need a leader for the project – have you got experience in conservation or teaching?
  • Ford Road Cemetery upkeep
    • Proposed activity – To have a group of local volunteers caring for the site with the aim of making it a wildlife friendly site and enhancing it for visitors. The site is owned by ADC who currently have contractors maintaining the site. Kat has a contact at ADC who is keen to have the volunteers working with them.
      • Need volunteers –This will be an ongoing project so sharing the tasks will mean that we can get a nice group of people to work together.
  •  Seed swap 2019
    • Activity – As this year’s swap was successful we will be repeating it in February 2019. As yet there is not a date.
      • We need seed savers and volunteers to help pack up seed before the day and a few helpers to set up and clear up on the day.
  • Tree Planting
    • Proposed activity – The Woodland Trust have native trees that can be planted by groups, we want to take them up on this and plant trees around Arundel. The Klondyke and Canada Road were suggested at the meeting.
      • We need suggestions, identifying places around town to plant.
      • We need volunteers to plant trees and later to keep an eye on them, and help them through the first year
  • Water bottles and Refill project
    • Proposed activity – AA21 installed the drinking fountain and produced the Arundel water bottles to reduce the number of plastic water bottles sold and thrown away in Arundel. The project aims to identify shops, restaurants etc in town who will refill water bottles by request. This is part of a Nationwide project.
      • We need a small group of volunteers to encourage shops to join in and to register them.
      • Volunteers are also needed to make up more Arundel water bottles
  • UKHarvest
    • Proposed activity – Mayor Lucy Ashworth and the Arundel Town Council are working with UKHarvest, a not-for-profit perishable food rescue operation based in Chichester that collects quality excess food from commercial outlets and delivers it, direct and free of charge, to charities, with an aim to make Arundel a food waste free town. AA21 will be working with the allotment holders and gardeners of the town to contribute fruit and vegetables to this worthy cause.
      • We need volunteers to spread the word, collect contributions and work with those people who want to contribute a bit of their harvest.
  • Cycling Group
    • A set of proposals were set up for the Town Council as part of the Street Scape project. This project aims to set up a group of people who cycle and who can contribute their views on what is needed in Arundel to the WSCC cycling strategy and be a voice for Arundel in the Nationwide cycle forum. It also aims to run cycle rides for those who are not regular cyclists to encourage people to ‘get on their bikes’
    • We need a  group of volunteers for the forum – want to have your say?
    • We also need cyclists who are ready to help set up and run bike rides

Want to get involved? There are lots of ways you can get involved, most of them not time consuming, the more people we have to help each project the less we each have to do.

To find out more or offer to help email arundela21@gmail.com 

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