On the lookout for wildlife – helping MAVES

At our recent Arundel Agenda 21 AGM we had brilliant talks from members of MAVES.

Who are MAVES I hear you ask?

MAVES stands for Mid Arun Valley Environmental Survey. A local group who carry out detailed, scientific research and evaluation of the wildlife in the Arun Valley. The Arun valley is a continuous wildlife corridor and MAVES was set up in 2014 to carry out research on this extraordinary area which has a mix of habitats from woodland and riversides to farmland. They have found a wide and exciting range of animals and plants including 14 types of bat (out of 17 national species) which is equal to Ebernoe National Park. Binstead woods also have a good population of dormice, an endangered species.

They have also been instrumental in hedge laying, and tree planting, particularly black poplar which is a disappearing species.

Their work includes recording the vast species catalogue of the area encompassing Slindon to Worthing. So special is the area that there are orchids hybridising to produce new and specific local varieties and it is an Area of National and International importance.

They are also finding spectacular species of insects with the variety of habitat. For example the Madonna pond in Binstead woods has a high number of smooth and palmate newts.

To find out more about MAVES click here to go to their website

How you can help

MAVES needs us all to keep our eyes open when we are out and about. Especially those who are out regularly, walking dogs for instance. Reporting back to MAVES on what we see is a great way of contributing to their work completing the picture of the fabulous and abundant wildlife around us. This is particularly true of the riverbank where they have less information.

Take photographs (without disturbing the wildlife) and do record where you have seen things, the more accurate the better. There are free apps you can download to your phone which can give you a grid reference.

Feed this back to MAVES at info@maves.org.uk

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