Welcome to 2016! January meeting

We’re getting together at the (rear of the) Red Lion, Wednesday 20th January at 7.30pm (to 9pm) to look at new ideas and plan new projects for Arundel Agenda 21 and would like you join us.

Some people have already come up with thoughts, including:

UN Global Goals – looking at the issues we might address locally that are part of a wider campaign.  See www.globalgoals.org.  This is an update to the principles which initiated Arundel Agenda 21.

Wildlife in your garden – talks and practical workshops to help people provide habitats for declining species like hedgehogs. Building on the ideas that the Sussex Wildlife Trust shared with us a year or two ago.

Cycle rides – regular local guided rides to get people back into cycling and remind them what fun it is as well as for getting fit. This follows on from earlier work the group did on identifying facilities needed in town.

Climate change – start with showing the film ‘This Changes Everything’ again. We showed this in December and all attending agreed it was excellent and worth spreading.

Getting creative – publicity to spread some of the ideas and actions AA21 has worked up over the years, in a range of media. There are great local artists, photographers and media savvy people who can help us get messages out.

Do you have ideas on creating a better future or issues you want to address? Join us on Wednesday or, if you can’t, just get in touch.

Call Kay 07940 307603
fb: Arundel Agenda 21

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