Historic Opportunity

Arundel Agenda 21 is helping Arundel to lead the way on bringing together the thoughts of local people on what planning and development in our town should look like for the new Arundel Neighbourhood Plan. This is a new way for us to influence planning. It aims to:

  • Develop a shared vision
  • Choose where new homes, shops and other development should be built and to what standards
  • Identify, protect and improve green spaces
  • Identify infrastructure improvements

The neighbourhood plan will be the primary planning document for the area for up to 20 years, so it is an historic opportunity to make a difference.
Can you help us get this right by coming along to a pilot session at the Town Hall on Tuesday 24 July, 6.45-9pm?
Working with Action in Rural Sussex, which has been commissioned by Arundel Town Council to help develop this important community input, we’ll be trying out a workshop approach to getting your ideas, concerns and questions about how the local built and natural environment should change over the coming years.
The results of this pilot will help us shape further sessions to be held in September as well as provide your input to the plan, so your feedback on HOW we gather your views will also be important. The aim is to make it informative, chatty and relaxed, over tea and coffee, and is open to anyone living or working in Arundel, so bring your friends and family.

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