The Drinking Fountain est ici!!!!

600 days

50 meetings

5 funding partners

over 1000 phone calls

even more emails!!

and it’s here – The Arundel Drinking Fountain has now been installed!

We are very proud of it and guess what – it belongs to you.

We are really pleased to invite you to join us along at the launch 11.00 SATURDAY MARCH 31ST  – Arundel Town Quay

The first cup of water will be poured by our lady mayor, there will be water tasting, and a special guest from Australia and the secret will be let out of the box.

When we first proposed the project in May 2010 our aims were to:

  • promote health through drinking water rather than sugary drinks, especially for children
  • improve facilities for visitors to the town and residents
  • discourage buying of bottled water and its negative environmental impacts
  • reduce costs for visitors and residents through free access to water
  • promote our excellent local tap water
  • promote Arundel as a forward thinking town.


Because of the negative impacts of bottled, based on current research and thinking, including:

  • Waste – 4 out of 5 bottles are not recycled. Being light, they ‘escape’ easily and many end up in the sea as part of the vast ‘garbage patches’. Litter clearance costs the council (and therefore, us).
  • Fossil fuels are needed to produce and transport bottled water – a weighty product – affecting climate change.
  • Water – 3 litres of water are needed to make one litre of bottled water.
  • Cost of bottled water is approx 1000 times the cost of tap water.
  • Misinformation – companies’ marketing of bottled water tries to convince the public that drinking tap water and drinking fountains are somehow unhealthy.  However, standards for tap water are higher than those for bottled – mineral or spring.
  • Health – Children often choose sugary or  aspartame-based drinks over water.

The drinking fountain is sited on the corner of Town Quay next to Sparks Yard shop. Please use it and buy one the fabulous water carriers from one of the shops in town that are supporting the drinking fountain and water campaign.

Sparks Yard

Pallant of Arundel

The Edible Sandwich


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2 Responses to The Drinking Fountain est ici!!!!

  1. Laure says:

    Please Register it with!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Laure – we have done 🙂

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