Seed Swap 2012

A great turn out for the seed swap

How many runner beans can you grow – as you might have guessed runner bean were the main runner this year – sorry about the pun.

Everyone had some and we do have some left over if there is a school garden out there that needs some.

Izzy , normally to be round in the Castle Garden Arundel Castle Gardens,was around to ask questions. How do I improve my celariac? What does a chocolate vine look like?

Unusual seeds this year were some more varieties of tomato, Red Pear and some root stock tomatoes. Pea non Plus Ultra and some white aqualegia.

We even had a holly tree!

Thank you to everyone who made it a success and see you next year

So save the date: the last sunday in February

More information about seed swaps can be found on the following websites:

Seed Savers Exchange

Garden Swap Shop

Seedy Sunday (the big Brighton event)

Seedy People

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1 Response to Seed Swap 2012

  1. CHARLES says:

    SORRY I MISSED THIS. the Arundel forest garden could do with some perennial vegetables, shrubs and herbaceous plants to support it’s self renewing fertility and stabilise a more functional diversity. Praises! Charles

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