Get involved!

We’re always on the lookout for people with the time and energy to get involved with our local campaigns. All roles are unpaid, but are a great way to socialise, meet new people and learn new skills.

Current volunteering opportunities include:

The Orchard Project

Izzy and Martin have been investigating the potential for a local orchard survey, and perhaps some tree planting. This project has the potential to involve younger volunteers and families. If you’re interested in getting involved, fill in the form below.

The Grand Arundel Swish, Take Two

The inaugural clothes swap was a great success and demand for repeat performance is high. Would you like to help us get it off the ground?

Membership Secretary

Our group has a vacancy for a Membership Secretary to co-ordinate membership renewals, maintain our member lists and lend a hand with group communications. Not as demanding as it sounds, honestly! Could you help?

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1 Response to Get involved!

  1. Rita Godfrey says:

    Earth Hour is on Saturday when across the world people will be turning off lights for one hour.
    An easy way to get involved with A21 is to join in with the earth hour either by turning off your lights or going to the pub. Yes! Going to the pub – Charlie and Ali at the Kings Arms will be turning off the lights and drinking by candle light and as the juke box won’t be working there will be live ‘unplugged’ music.
    For more information on Earth Hour

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